martes, 8 de junio de 2010

If you wanna see some Sarah Burton (McQueen' sucessor) designs, enter here!!

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-Sarah Burton-

A few days ago, as many of you know, it was announced that Sarah Burton, the assistant and McQueen's right hand for 14th years, will be the responsible for the artistic direction of the house.
She's confirm that she's gonna intent to be faithful to the heritage of the designer.

Here I show you some Burton designs, belonging to a collection which was shown in 2009, so you can get and idea of her personal style in designing.

It focuses on the fringes and has a rather dark color palette, starring black and with touches of blue and red. That fringed dress that appears in the picture above is the one that caught my attention, and also these two ones:

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(The more I see the red/orange one, the more I love it!!!!!!)

HERE you can see the whole collection.
Tell me what do you think about them!!

-RaQueL T.G.-


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Sick by Trend dijo...

Veremos como se va desarrollando la sustitución de McQueen.. por ahora lo que he visto de su colección no me convence nada la verdad... pero bueno, al estar al frente de McQueen se pondrá lo más cerca de ese registro.. buena entrada y blog, te seguimos!!

Pasate por nuestro blog y si te gusta, siguenos!!



Ángela Navarro dijo...

¿Sabrá mantener la estela del enfant terrible? Yo creo que será difícil :/

Star-Light dijo...

great post!

Anónimo dijo...

La verdad es que a mi no me disgusta! Claro que supongo que es dificil verse al frente de la firma de la noche a la mañana! Ya iremos viendo como evoluciona!

Pierrot le Fou dijo...

re: I think it's because of the adverts you've got or something there's a block against them all- McAfee SiteAdvisor keeps warning me not to click on anything..something on your site appears to be Spy software/a virus to the anti-spyware i've installed

hope that helps x


so cute fringes!

Pol dijo...

Hay que ver como evolucionara dentro de AM , ahorita a simple vista y sin darle muchas vueltas al asunto me agradan sus diseños, muy chic basicos y diria que con estructura, un beso!

Chasing Cherries dijo...

Beautiful looks!

Alice In Fashionland dijo...

Love the fringe stuff. So difficult to take over from McQueen though.

kendal croix. dijo...

love the fringe.

Kirstie Marié dijo...

I was worried what would happen to the McQueen brand after his death. I'm not sure it will ever be the same for no other designer could compare with his depth of concept and intrigue but I'm hoping Sarah maintain the reputation of this iconic British brand.

Kirstie Marié

Ashley dijo...

Oh man, she is going to be under a lot of pressure! But I'll give her a chance... :)


BdeH dijo...

Flecos por todos lados!!! Como me gusta!!! un beso!

i want what she's wearing dijo...

Oh wow, I'd never seen her designs before! Not nearly as "out-there" as McQueen, but they're lovely!

Thanks for the comment! I made the earrings myself.